New Collective Bargaining Agreement

08.01.2016 07:47

Dear Aviation Workers;

Union workers have the right to negotiate with their employer over wages, hours, benefits and working conditions. Without a union, management makes all the decisions alone.

Together we can ensure better working conditions, improve workers’ rights, and create a just and fair society for everyone. Unions empower workers by uniting people with common goals. When people advocate as one, they are more powerful and can accomplish more than as individuals.

If you want to involved and benefit from new Collective Bargaining Agreement, you have to become member of union. If you're not member of Turkish Civil Aviation Union, you won't benefit from the new collective bargaining agreement will be signed.

Also if you become member of our union, there will be reduction in taxes that you're paying. And our lawyer can provide our members advice and guidance based on Turkish law without any charge.

Steps of becoming member:

  • First, you have to go to post office to receive your password. This passwords Turkish name is “e-devlet şifresi”. You can write this word to a paper and if you show this paper, they will give your password. Also they will ask you, your labour permit number. (Post Office – opposite corner of Starbucks, international terminal arrival hall)
  • After you received your password you can sign up from this government web-site:

(Also you can log in the web site with your Yapı Kredi Bank internet password from this link

Unfortunately, web site is in Turkish. You have to follow these steps to use this web site.

-              Click to “sisteme giriş”  (upper right corner)

-              You have to fill in the blanks.

First space: Write your Republic of Turkey ID or Labour Permit Number (mostly it starts with 9 and it has 11 digits)

Second space: Write the password (received from the post office)

Click to “sisteme giriş” again.

-              A new screen will open; you have to confirm your mail address and phone number. "Doğrula" means confirm.

-              Click to "e-hizmetler" at the left side of the main page

-              Click to "işçi sendikaları üyelik işlemleri" under the "çalışma ve sosyal güvenlik bakanlığı" (alphabetical order)

-              Then you have to select your union Türkiye Sivil Havacılık Sendikası (Hava-İş) and click to "üyelik başvurusu" or "başvur"

During the procedure if it asks your "ikamet tezkeresi", it is your document number which is written in your work permit card. If you ever changed your card, you have to write the first cards' number.

After your membership is approved and your employer informed, your membership will be finalized, then dues will be deducted from your payroll.

Affiliation fees will be 1 percent from your basic salary (additional shift bonus, overtime, flight allowance etc. additional charges don’t count for dues account). For example; if a worker’s basic salary is 2000 TL, dues will be 20 TL.

You can find English version of 24th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement at the below:

If you have any questions about becoming member, please don't hesitate to contact with us. Please call 0544 320 66 99 or +90 212 660 20 95

Best Regards...

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