In our country; transporting passenger and cargo with civil aircrafts begins with State Airports Authority of Turkey that established on May 20th, 1933. Institution consisted of five aircraft with fleet of 28-seater in those years. The first civil aviation transport were made in airfields at Ankara, Eskisehir and Istanbul.
The public corporation "State Airlines" was the only corporation serving in civil aviation sector until 1955. The employees of this organization were working as a civil servant.

DHY changed as THY A.O. with the new law become in force on 21 May 1955. This change also makes union organization possible within corporation. Although new official law, establish of Turkey's first aviation union was forced to postpone until 1959, because seven founding members could not be reached.

They decided to continue their activities in a different existing union. Petrol-is was the most convenient choice at that time. They started to make members to union after inviting Ziya Hepbir General President of Petrol-is to General Directorate Technique at the fall of 1959. 300 workers from 420 employees became member of union. But in general, agreement with Petrol-İs didn't have very positive consequences.

Agreement with Petrol-is lasted only two years. On 2 April 1962, Hava-Is started activities in a one-room office at Bakırkoy with its 14 founders, despite all the impossibilities and inexperience. Necati Gezer selected as General President at the first General Assembly on 23 June 1962.