About us

Dear Our Members;

Union workers have the right to negotiate with their employer over wages, hours, benefits and working conditions. Without a union, management makes all the decisions alone.
Together we can ensure better working conditions, improve workers’ rights, and create a just and fair society for everyone. Unions empower workers by uniting people with common goals. When people advocate as one, they are more powerful and can accomplish more than as individuals.

I would like to announce the good news as your union General President; that the 25th Term Collective Bargaining Aggreement has been signed on March, 28. We have shown a maximum sensivity for the satisfaction of our members and we spent long working hours since we began in January.

In the 25th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement that was signed;
-For the first half of 2016 %7, for the second half %6,
-For the first half of 2017 %4, for the second half %4,
-For the first half of 2018 %4, for the second half %4 of wage increase has been agreed.
The inflation difference that will occur in the 6 months period of 2017 and 2018 will be added into the wage increase rates.

In addition, 5000 TL. will be paid on equal basis to all of our members by THY Inc.

I wish the new period will be good for all of our members. We will continue working to protect the rights of workers. Thanks for your support.